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Anita Maria Stogel

Anita Maria Stogel

Owner, Head and Heart of the Business Coaching Academy

Anita Maria Stogel serves as a business coach, trainer and keynote speaker. After studying law in Munich and MBA in Texas, she immersed herself in the world of international management. "During my successful years in the corporate world, I understood that only people are the key to success: people and their connection to themselves and their connection to others.”

Today, the Business Coaching Academy is an organization in global demand that helps companies and people achieve their goals more easily.

Anita opens her treasure chest of unique personal insights, knowhow and best practices gained from over 1000 coaching sessions, hundreds of team trainings and seminars and extends them to clients as a developmental and transformational opportunity. 

In my years in the corporate world, I have come to understand that only people are the key to lasting success: people and their connection to themselves and others".

Today, the Business Coaching Academy is an organisation in demand the world over and designed to support companies and people in reaching their goals more easily and effectively.


Who are we to judge other people as "good" or "bad"? Do we know the whole truth? No. Is it necessary to judge? No.

Anyone who repeatedly judges others wastes precious energy that could be used to better ends. “But I have to evaluate my employees!” “Yes, there are suitable competences and appropriate behaviours for a defined context.”

But I don't judge humans per se. That is presumptuous. There, I would only try to raise myself to some supernatural moral instance. What nonsense. Even such an instance would not judge – for there is only love. And, of course, I want to and should distance myself from co-workers, friends,  places, products and institutions if they do not benefit my growth and ability to serve. When I judge,  I am merely looking back and cementing the imperfect past instead of looking ahead and trusting and allowing anything new and better that wants to unfold.

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