The Business Coaching Academy Team has one goal: Making people's work and lives easier.
Clients and seminar participants learn to deal with other people and themselves in an open, clear and courageous way. Those who are at peace with themselves design their tasks with curiosity, joy and lightness. This unleashes energy to reach the company's goals and visions.
The Academy was established in 2013 as the essence of a 20-year management consultancy:

People are the key to success, transparent and simple processes, and innovation.

We Make a Difference
All Academy trainers for Seminars and Coaching come from the Top Management and convey the quintessence of management. We all work systemically and keep an eye on the entire system - for more success and sustainability.
All Academy trainers have at least 15 years of deep experience as successful trainers, consultants and top executive coaches.
Our methods enable participants to gain new perspectives. Through impactful exercises and personal insights long-sought, long-lasting behavioral changes are achieved.


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