To be human is a fascinating opportunity

The changing facets of life from joy, confusion, co-creation, worry, creativity, a sense of helplessness, a sense of power, feeling lost and enjoying success are all part of a unique adventure also called the (s)hero’s journey. We are the authors of these personal and professional adventures – either consciously or unconsciously. Luckily, also the editors and publishers. Yes, we can review and redact our choices. And consult with coaches to improve our outcomes.

There are also rules in our systems, which we can understand and apply. When we follow these, we are in flow. And when we swim with the river, then we feel buoyant and everything works in our favor. But if we cling in fear to the shore or try to control the current, our life becomes increasingly laborious, and we exhaust ourselves. So, let go, trust, enjoy the journey and opportunities: these are the guarantors for success and fulfilled BE-ing. Allowing creation instead of creating exhaustion: this is how life succeeds.

My journey

My many years as a manager in international business have yielded many insights, above all that my passion is people - unlocking their potential and dissolving their concerns. For over 20 years, I have been accompanying my clients on their hero’s journey and facilitating successful and enduring transformations.

My education

Law studies in Munich, Master of Business Administration in Texas, family therapist, business coach.

For you

I help make your work and life easier and more joyful - for you and your employees.

We achieve this together in individual sessions and in groups. We can work in person onsite or online, over the telephone and/or video – in German and English - worldwide.

Your work will become easier when ... your focus clearly bundles your energy ... you communicate transparently ... you organize yourself and others clearly ... you live and love the different aspects of your leadership: Forge ahead as coach guided by the inner compass of your vision and bring out the best in your team.

My vision

We live a life of freedom of choice and thus self-determination. We joyfully and gratefully choose from among all the possibilities that serve us and others best. We make active and conscious use of these opportunities every day: on a material, spiritual and emotional level.

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