How can you prepare yourself for change?

  1. by ACKNOWLEDGING that change is part of life, including your life, and

Life is change. In Indian mythology we find a vivid illustration of this. In Hinduism there are hundreds of gods. These gods are all expressions of the one all-encompassing world soul.

Question: How can I easily combine all the roles I play?
Answer: Stop the role-playing games. Do not add unnecessary to your being.

To identify with a role is a game of the ego:

I'm a good assistant, I'm a caring family man, I'm a diabetic, I'm a successful entrepreneur, I'm a good daughter for my needy mother, I'm one who has played badly for life, etc.


Now I can answer my urgent question at the beginning of my trips to India:

Yes, I can give something to Indians - and I get a lot back.

It is our German clear language, which also ensures clarity of thought.

Is nature sleeping the spring because she has no motivation to wake up?
Does nature hold back its fruits in the summer because it might need it in winter?
Does nature renounce retiring in autumn, because retreat is uncool and only activity counts?
Shortens nature hibernation because it has "no time for so useless"?

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