Question: How can I easily combine all the roles I play?
Answer: Stop the role-playing games. Do not add unnecessary to your being.

To identify with a role is a game of the ego:

I'm a good assistant, I'm a caring family man, I'm a diabetic, I'm a successful entrepreneur, I'm a good daughter for my needy mother, I'm one who has played badly for life, etc.


All this makes inflexible and unhappy: no person can play any role well and they are often incompatible. Therefore, the question is, "How can I unite all roles" wrong. The answer is, "Stop playing roles."

I experience more and more clients with burn-out. These are people who can no longer feel the moment and the underlying power of the Divine, because they are washed away by their ego and the role obligations they feel from their own source of power and inspiration.

Role play instead: fulfill a function and act accordingly

If I have promised a function, e.g. that of the assistant, then I should fulfill this function as best I can. But I do not identify with it, so I'm not an "assistant" but "I work as an assistant or I run a business." Sometimes the usual phrasing is not accurate, it does not matter.

If situations require action, then I act according to the best of my ability to handle the situation. No more. No interpretation, no self-pity, no fluffy ego. No, I act accordingly. That is enough.

He who loves what he does and rises in is filled and connected to the All-That-Is.

Luck researchers describe this condition as flow, flow. What flows is love for one's neighbor, for work, for the patient. There is no exhaustion, just tiredness in the evening and fulfillment. He who does not love his work does not bring anything good into the world, so goes a saying and he is true.

The solution: Do not add anything to your being - you are enough

That is peace of mind and strength: not having to define oneself as ....... or accepting the definitions of others. Or define others. "Stop it, you will not die. Rather, you will wake to new life, "says Eckhart Tolle.

How can I find myself? Leave everything superfluous!

Do not search. Better observe what you can omit from definitions of your self. The more you do that, the more easily you feel confused and the more you can serve your fellow man. Such people change the world through their so-being.


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