How can you prepare yourself for change?

  1. by ACKNOWLEDGING that change is part of life, including your life, and

Life is change. In Indian mythology we find a vivid illustration of this. In Hinduism there are hundreds of gods. These gods are all expressions of the one all-encompassing world soul.

The most important 3 aspects of this Power are:

Brahma - the Creator
Vishnu - the Preserver
and Shiva: Shiva, the Destroyer, also called the Blessed One. Why blessed? because by dissolving existing structures, the new lif can be created in the first place. It makes free for the new life to come, for changes. And how does he do this?

With his trident. This weapon symbolizes the destruction of the ego. Because disconnecting ourselves from our ego allows us to be open to change. 

It is our ego that wants to determine how our life should be: My colleague is wrong, my boss, my husband, my work situation, my health. And very stressful: I am wrong. I should be different.

Do not believe your ego, distance yourself from it. 

Because: Those who have many demands on themselves and others and on life are not fit for change. Changes want to be accepted willingly - after the initial pain. Also in Christianity there is this devotion: "Thy will be done" and "Deliver us from evil" - from our ego that means. The ego that Shiva defeats with his trident. 

So: Life is change. And today the question is: How can you make yourself fit for change, how can you prepare yourself well? Aspects of this ability are: agility, flexibility and resilience.

Answer: You can prepare yourself well for change by practicing change and practicing it again and again. Then you are prepared. That way you train your "Shiva muscle". Shiva as the destroyer of the ego, as the Blessed One. 

Here are some exercises to train your Shiva muscle. They are simple exercises that anyone can do immediately and that are fun, too. Especially if you feel resistance to try something new, then it is even more important that you forbid your ego to speak and say: "Now more than ever". 

Please try these exercises for at least one week – to teach your ego a lesson:

1. Walk Barefoot 

Through the soles of our feet we absorb negative ions from the grass in the morning, which give us energy. This compensates for the surplus of positive ions that we accumulate through electrosmog, for example. We feel the moisture, the freshness and the grass. Walk consciously and feel attentively, this activates your senses. That way you get out of the stream of the day and into your perception.

2. Collect Nettles and Eat Them 

Now is the time to benefit from the green gold. Nettles are full of minerals and power for us. As tea, smoothie or vegetable they are a real power food.

Learning new things trains our Shiva muscle. And: through exercises in and with nature you will come to your senses again. So: away from the head, because that is where the judgement takes place, that is where the ego rules and towards your inner center.

Here is the recipe.

3. Conscious Absorption of Information: Media Diet 

We are eating far too much information without control. Just because there is a lot of it does not mean it is good for us. We should be as careful as with food because we don't want to eat poison. We should be just as careful which images, opinions, information we want to let into our consciousness and thus into our subconscious, and how often and in what quantity. Please decide yourself what you take in. It is about opening your horizon and increasing your freedom of choice: You decide what you take in, what you believe, what you do. You are the creator, not a consuming victim.

And to make it easier to live as a creator, I recommend this exercise:

No TV, radio, newspapers or internet for one week! Instead: Nothing or something that gives you more pleasure than doing nothing. For example, reading a book and if you live in a bigger household, you can take turns reading the book out loud and then talk about it. Or if you prefer to read alone, write down your ideas and feelings. 

New experiences train our Shiva muscle. And: there is no sore muscle during this training: only more freedom of choice. 

Have fun!

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