Is nature sleeping the spring because she has no motivation to wake up?
Does nature hold back its fruits in the summer because it might need it in winter?
Does nature renounce retiring in autumn, because retreat is uncool and only activity counts?
Shortens nature hibernation because it has "no time for so useless"?

Does nature abandon her being and instead act?
Does nature harm itself?

No of course not!



Go into nature or look into nature. Connect in thought with what you see: a tree, a meadow, fields, snowy landscape or your houseplant.
Ask yourself the following questions:

My life

Where do I stand in the cycle of life: spring, summer, autumn, winter?
What does nature do in this season? Am I behaving synchronously or "against my nature"?

My year

Does my year know seasons? Or is there only two: work and holidays? Which activities are suitable and synchronous with my nature for which part of the year?


My day

How can I design my day in harmony with the rhythm of nature?
Take your time - nature also takes the time it needs.


And here are some suggestions for your life, your year and your day:

Your life

Spring here are wild shoots, often it is not yet clear how the flowers will look. The Indian festival of color Holi and our carnival celebrate colors and the foolishness. Let your children be children and play instead of driving from one compulsory program to the next. As a teenager, do not worry if you do not know where the journey is going. And above all: do not let yourself be persuaded, you would have to plan all this already. Be sure: the divine seed is laid, the harvest will come.

Spring means new instincts = ideas, daydreams, hopes. Do not prune your ideas and let them proliferate. Go into nature and observe what it contains, what grows there. Make these observations your personal growth meditation.
In the summer, it is time to develop fruits and to be in exchange. Design projects, be highly motivated and energetic. Create joyfully where you can.

Autumn is harvest time and harvest time. Your experience nourishes you and lets you be calm. You are full and you become frugal. In Hinduism, there is the Diwali Festival of Lights, where lights are lit for God Rama to find their way home from exile. In Judaism, Yom Kippur is celebrated as the holiest day of the year: time to feel its connection to God.

In the winter, retire, do not complain about the alleged "loneliness" in your life, but enjoy the time as "being one with" higher things. Get ready for your next life, lock up, release remorse and reproach and guilt. Be minimalist. Do not fulfill expectations, not your own expectations and others - not even grandma or grandpa. Just be there for you.

Your year

New things are created in the spring and old sins are forgiven, such as on the night of forgiveness among the Muslims. Forgive yourself now the sin of Dir damage: no feelings of guilt, no blame others, no bitterness. This is how it can be
Show new things: Ideas, daydreams, creation of yourself. Allow yourself 15 minutes of "ideas time" every day. Write down the ideas, some will be implemented in the summer. Do not prune your ideas, let them proliferate. Use the time, maybe Easter, to celebrate your resurrection. Being resurrected means knowing that you can rise above the old, the material, the low, the painful - anytime.

In summer, growth is announced. Educate yourself on topics that interest you. Transform your visions and ideas of spring. Connect with other people. Be active. Share what you have and what you can do. Enjoy the abundance nature offers you: especially fruits and vegetables.

In AUtumn: Check your connections to other people, activities, and beliefs in the fall: are they still fit in your life, or are you going to say goodbye to them? The tree also lets go of its leaves. Get rid of ballast in your apartment. Practice in clear focused language. Do not go to Jung - you have matured. Enjoy your maturity.

Winter is calm. Complete your tasks and projects in the office. Private be quiet. Talk little and with few people. Be alone with you. Use the winter to gather and recover. Engage in rituals of our ancestors, eg. the roughnecks. Recognize the meaning of Christmas for you: God became man, which means: you are divine and creator of your life. Go inside yourself - deal with questions of your being. So you get in contact with higher energy that can do you well for the coming year.


Your day

The morning after waking up, your subconscious mind is still awake and receptive. Now is the time for meditation or positive suggestions: "I feel better and better, in every way better and better". Say this sentence or another sentence that is especially helpful for your situation 20x. Then comes the time of stretching like young shoots after winter: move and stretch through stretching, yoga or walk. Then have breakfast and bring good, vital-rich food into your body. So you're ready for new ideas: Treat yourself every day for 15 minutes "Idea Time". Write down the ideas, some you will implement in the summer of the year.

During the day work, create in joy and highly motivated - it is the time of growth and learning and connection with other people, e.g. Customers, colleagues, friends. Learn from everything you observe in others and what you do yourself. Correct your behavior so that it will serve you and others - without judgment, only observing.

Then the day is running out: do not work too long and at the end of your working day take stock, "harvest": what did I do for my project, my company, for my family, for me? What did I learn for tomorrow? Learning from your own mistakes is harvesting. Celebrate your personal Thanksgiving Day celebration.
In the evening, retire. Television is not retreating, but often the opposite: you are with someone else and their actions and destinies. If you meet friends, go home early so you have time left to finish the day.

Know when the night is - do not hesitate. Every year, nature takes enough time to recover, to grow and blossom again. The nighttime is the basis of life, it does not weaken.

The more you live your rhythm, the more confidence and power you will develop. Hedging is a sign of fear, rhythm a sign of trust - everything comes at the right time.


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