COVID19 Information in regard to the seminar schedule

Due to the current situation, the seminars planned in 2020 may not take place on the dates indicated. We also offer our seminars as webinars. Please contact us.

erfolgreiche konfliktloesungGood communication is giving and receiving. This powerful interplay unlocks productive energies. Good communicators shape their world together. You will be understood, and you can understand your partner.

Addressing conflicts requires courage and reliable methods. Only then can conflicts lead to growth - because they are solved consciously and quickly. The willingness to solve conflicts courageously and directly by bringing the smoldering accusations to the surface is the greatest appreciation we can show to people.



Format: 2 days
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also from different departments


  • Communication rules
  • Using „I“ messages to be authentically present
  • Sender-receiver model, thoughts are pictures
  • 4-ears model: observing without judging
  • Trust through heart-led, eye-level communication:
    Transactional analysis
  • Conflict stages, de-escalation and creative solutions
  • The Harvard Method for Conflict Resolution (William Ury: Mediation and Meditation)
  • Sound arguments
  • Nonviolent communication (M. Rosenberg NVC)

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