COVID19 Information in regard to the seminar schedule

Due to the current situation, the seminars planned in 2020 may not take place on the dates indicated. We also offer our seminars as webinars. Please contact us.

moderner business knigge Ws4wd vJ9M0 unsplashIt is a pleasure to experience professional behaviour in everyday life – not only for your own progress and well-being but for everyone’s benefit. You can learn to appear more self-assured and represent your company more attractively at every occasion and opportunity. Such skillful application of modern etiquette is achievable for every open-minded person and creates fertile ground for interesting encounters.




Format: 1 day

ideally 12, managers and employees if possible from different departments

Ideally, participants should also have completed Time Management and Work Flow


  • What is "professional behaviour”? Why do I want it?
  • What is my goal? What is my personal brand (= what do I stand for?)
  • First encounters: greetings, titles, hierarchies
  • Analysing and addressing challenging behaviours and situations
  • Business Ethics: reliability
  • Small Talk: scoring and pitfalls
  • Showing up: space, dress code, table manners
  • My next steps

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