COVID19 Information in regard to the seminar schedule

Due to the current situation, the seminars planned in 2020 may not take place on the dates indicated. We also offer our seminars as webinars. Please contact us.

die marke ichWho am I and where am I going? What was once the vision quest in old cultures is now used to create the “personal brand”. What is the source of my power and how do I direct it for my good as well as everyone’s good?

With answers to these questions, you can better assume responsibility for your particular positions in your various systems: the company, team, family, etc.

And – finally your present positions can be improved so you acting from your true essence, strength and joy.








Format: 1 day
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible, from different departments

Ideally, participants should also have completed Time Management and Work Flow


  • What does "self-branding" mean? Why should I do it?
  • What is my goal?
  • What is at the heart of my brand?
  • What / who encourages and empowers me, what / who weakens me?
  • How to stay on the ball – and follow through
  • Purposeful and focused communication and presentation
  • Networking with a global reach
  • My next steps

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