Conscious leadership

From stress and strain to strength and joy

Leadership means results-oriented thinking, feeling, working and speaking. Your employees take responsibility and find their way team. You enable your team to be each other's companions, supporters, critics and teachers. This team spirit you make possible through your consciousness which discovers the best methods and processes. You can concentrate on the essential, let go of the operative and shepherd your team’s empowerment. You are mindful mentor and leader.

Success means making others successful!

Format: 2 days
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also from different departments
Price: invest 1,600.00 € net plus VAT
Dates: WED/THU 24–25 JUN 2020
WED/THU 14–15 OCT 2020


  • Trustful cooperation with management colleagues
  • Leading yourself as a leader—ego-free
  • Communicating goals and achieving them with the team
  • Empowering employees to achieve goals autonomously
  • Recognizing and managing team dynamics
  • Team self-awareness and -regulation
  • Successful delegation, organising yourself and others
  • Clear, supportive communication, learning culture
  • Securing the leadership "flow“
  • The importance of taking and living your proper place within the system, sociograms
  • The executive as coach, systemic view
  • Growing and promoting employees, curating deputies and successors

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Lead with coaching

Being a coach is the easiest way to create long-term and good relationships. You succeed in unleashing the potential of your partner to work together. You enable your partner to recognize their "WHAT I really want" and "WHY": WHAT motivates them, WHAT they want to achieve, WHY they want to achieve it, WHAT hinders them.

Thus, your partner develops a reliable inner compass to achieve common goals. In this way you support them with practical and effective coaching methods.  As a manager, you create win-win situations between you, your company and employees, colleagues, customers and service providers.

Format: 2 days
Participants: ideally 9, managers and prospective managers
Price: invest 1,600.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: MO/TUE 29-30 OCT 2020


  • The Inner Attitude: Coach - Consultant - Mentor - Moderator - Leader
  • Know your own blind spots
  • Role clarification: Coach and coachee
  • Systemic laws: everything is contingent
  • Drawing sociograms: with persons, figures, symbols
  • Group dynamics and their impact
  • Issues Clarification: coaching tools
  • The power of words, images, rituals
  • Challenging coaching situations
  • Coaching framework and procedure
  • Coaching possiblitilies, liabilities, limits

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Horses as Coaches

Horses give us a rare gift: direct, immediate and unbiased feedback as to your clarity. Because of these animals’ high sensitivity, your leadership behavior is perceived and mirrored holistically and not selectively. You can thus experience and learn how to build transparent relationships and make it easy for others to follow your lead.

No prior experience with horses is necessary.

Format: 2 days
Participants: ideally 9
Price: invest 1,900.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: FRI/SAT 22-23 MAY 2020
FRI/SAT 23-24 OCT 2020


  • My Definition of Leadership
  • Nonverbal Feedback: direct and honest from the horse’s mouth
  • Clear mind – clear directions: cooperative horse
  • Living your role as leader, pursuing visions
  • Experience the importance of goal clarity, wisdom, simplicity, straightforwardness, consistency, self-confidence, willpower, assertiveness, serenity, and fairness
  • Strengthening your strengths and managing your weaknesses

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Spiritual Leadership

If you feel connected to the All-One as a leader, you can make confident decisions that the mind alone would not have accomplished. Those who connect with their higher self can lead their employees more credibly, honestly and transparently - for the benefit of all and for the benefit of the higher self of each individual. To give the best means to be in harmony with the All-One.

Format: 1 day
Participants: ideally 9
Price: invest 900.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: WED 21 OCT 2020

Participants have previously attended Conscious Leadership


  • What is "spiritual leadership"?
  • When do I lead, when am I led?
  • Perceiving, strengthening and following your intuition
  • Dealing with one's own and other’s ego
  • Finding and conveying meaning
  • The universe doesn’t make mistakes: all is right
  • Creating your own destiny – all possibilities are always accessible: believe to receive
  • “Your personality creates your personal reality.” Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • “Constellations”: a way to find your way
  • Universal energy for a more powerful and empowering leader

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Winning Presentation and Moderation

It is a pleasure to present your company, product, project and yourself in a relatable and agreeable way. Clarity is necessary about what is sought in communication and presentation situations - in order to then systematically achieve this goal. You can find just the right words in meetings and talks with team members, during customer presentations and public appearances. That’s when you are an active creator who skillfully moderates dynamics, resources and outcomes.

Format: 2 days

ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also from different departments

Price: invest 900.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: TUE 19 OCT 2020 

Ideally, participants have previously attended Successful Communication and Conflict Resolution


  • Differing communication and presentation situations
  • Goals, impact and stickiness: What do I expect and others need?
  • Thoughts are images
  • What do I, my department, my company stand for? Values and Added Value
  • Communication and presentation content, presentation stages and staging
  • Moderation: motives, phases, Dos and Don´ts, dealing with difficult situations

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Intercultural Communication

In German & English

Contact with people from other national cultures is part of everyday working life in an increasingly globalized world. The opportunities for international cooperation can be better realized with customers, partners and suppliers. Those who are aware of the impact of intercultural interplay and communication move confidently and successfully on the international stage.

The prerequisite for this is to look at yourself critically in the mirror and to honestly question your own cultural imprints, beliefs and world views. 

Format: 1 day
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also from different departments
Price: invest 900.00 € net plus VAT 
Dates: WED 20 OCT 2020 

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Time Management and Work Flow

Only results count - not effort "Work smart - not hard".

WHAT I do is more important than HOW I do it: “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing”

Those who prioritise the important, plan their approach realistically. Their inner compass guides through the day, week and year.

Then the days on the way to the goal are fulfilling - instead of just filled up.

Format: 1 day
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also cross- departmental
Price: invest 900.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: FRI 3 JUL 2020
Ideally, participants have also attended Staying Strong


  • How do I use my time during the week
  • Exposing the mantra "I don't have time"
  • WHAT do I want?
  • HOW can I achieve it: Setting priorities and following through
  • Pareto principle, Eisenhower quadrants
  • Reducing interruptions, the multitasking myth, saying "no", meeting culture
  • This is how I will proceed in the future

Dates and booking 

Dates and booking

Trainer: Anita Maria Stogel
Event Location: Herzogsburg, Obere Stadt 19, 84130 Dingolfing

Our 2020 seminars:

FRI/SAT 22-23 MAY Does not take place Horses as Coaches
WED/THU 24–25 JUN Conscious leadership
FRI/SAT 26–27 JUN Horses as Coaches
MON/TUE 29–30 JUN Lead with coaching
FRI 3 JUL Time Management and Work Flow
WED/THU 14–15 OKT Conscious leadership
FRI/SAT 16–17 OKT Horses as Coaches
MON 19 OKT Winning Presentation and Moderation
TUE 20 OKT Intercultural Communication
WED 21 OKT Spiritual Leadership

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