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Due to the current situation, the seminars planned in 2020 may not take place on the dates indicated. We also offer our seminars as webinars. Please contact us.

Trainer: Anita Maria Stogel
Event Location: Herzogsburg, Obere Stadt 19, 84130 Dingolfing

Our 2021 seminars:

WED/THU 12–13 MAI     Communication and Conflict Resolution
TUE/WED 18–19 MAI  Conscious leadership
FR 21 MAI  Mental strength and calmness
MO/TUE 31 MAI–01 JUN Winning Presentation and Moderation
THU 03 JUN Spiritual Leadership
TUE/WED  08–09  JUN Lead with Coaching
TUE 15 JUN Time Management and Work Flow
WED 16 JUN Ideal home office design
WED 22 SEP Mental strength and calmness
SAT/SUN  19–20  SEP Horses as Coaches
TUE/WED  05–06  OKT Communication and Conflict Resolution

Intercultural Communication

TUE/WED  19–20  OKT Conscious leadership

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Included in the price are:

Seminar materials, certificates, lunch, organic snacks, hot and cold beverages

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erfolgreiche konfliktloesungGood communication is giving and receiving. This powerful interplay unlocks productive energies. Good communicators shape their world together. You will be understood, and you can understand your partner.

Addressing conflicts requires courage and reliable methods. Only then can conflicts lead to growth - because they are solved consciously and quickly. The willingness to solve conflicts courageously and directly by bringing the smoldering accusations to the surface is the greatest appreciation we can show to people.



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Home office offers rewarding design possibilities. You have the chance to design your "home office in such a way that you and your team are able to come into your own power by using space, time and consciously live and create the energy used.
This seminar encourages company owners, managers and employees to use this format of working to discover and wisely use for themselves.




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Love it - Change it - or Leave it

Mental strength comes from honesty, courage, decisiveness and clear communication. This
Posture creates calmness, even in turbulent situations. Helpful behavior and Exercises can be used continuously in everyday life and thus lead to a more emotionally independent life
learn to lead.
A seminar that gives you joy in life and strength for your profession.




From stress and strain to strength and joy

Leadership means results-oriented thinking, feeling, working and speaking. Your employees take responsibility and find their way team. You enable your team to be each other's companions, supporters, critics and teachers. This team spirit you make possible through your consciousness which discovers the best methods and processes. You can concentrate on the essential, let go of the operative and shepherd your team’s empowerment. You are mindful mentor and leader.

Success means making others successful!

Being a coach is the easiest way to create long-term and good relationships. You succeed in unleashing the potential of your partner to work together. You enable your partner to recognize their "WHAT I really want" and "WHY": WHAT motivates them, WHAT they want to achieve, WHY they want to achieve it, WHAT hinders them.

Thus, your partner develops a reliable inner compass to achieve common goals. In this way you support them with practical and effective coaching methods.  As a manager, you create win-win situations between you, your company and employees, colleagues, customers and service providers.

pferde als coachHorses give us a rare gift: direct, immediate and unbiased feedback as to your clarity. Because of these animals’ high sensitivity, your leadership behavior is perceived and mirrored holistically and not selectively. You can thus experience and learn how to build transparent relationships and make it easy for others to follow your lead.

No prior experience with horses is necessary.







spirituelle fuehrungIf you feel connected to the All-One as a leader, you can make confident decisions that the mind alone would not have accomplished. Those who connect with their higher self can lead their employees more credibly, honestly and transparently - for the benefit of all and for the benefit of the higher self of each individual. To give the best means to be in harmony with the All-One.



sichere praesentationIt is a pleasure to present your company, product, project and yourself in a relatable and agreeable way. Clarity is necessary about what is sought in communication and presentation situations - in order to then systematically achieve this goal. You can find just the right words in meetings and talks with team members, during customer presentations and public appearances. That’s when you are an active creator who skillfully moderates dynamics, resources and outcomes.





In German & English

Contact with people from other national cultures is part of everyday working life in an increasingly globalized world. The opportunities for international cooperation can be better realized with customers, partners and suppliers. Those who are aware of the impact of intercultural interplay and communication move confidently and successfully on the international stage.

The prerequisite for this is to look at yourself critically in the mirror and to honestly question your own cultural imprints, beliefs and world views. 

zeitmanagementOnly results count - not effort "Work smart - not hard".

WHAT I do is more important than HOW I do it: “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing”

Those who prioritise the important, plan their approach realistically. Their inner compass guides through the day, week and year.

Then the days on the way to the goal are fulfilling - instead of just filled up.






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