A team can have many advantages through team training

  • The previous performance is achieved with less effort
  • A higher performance is achieved
  • A shared sense of responsibility grows
  • The roles are clear and the strengths of the members are used
  • Team members communicate in a solution-oriented, open and respectful manner
  • Conflicts are solved and future conflicts can be prevented by the team itself
  • Bullying and harassment (German: Mobbing) tendencies are dissolved
  • New ideas, structures, processes are created and their implementation ensured
  • The reputation of the team in the company improves
  • Ideally, a team is self-regulating, i.e. it can and will control itself and thus achieve its goals in the best possible way.



  • Preliminary talks with executives (leaders, managers)
  • Possible preliminary talks with some or all team members
  • Definition of the goal to be achieved
  • 1 - 3 days joint workshop, ideally outside the company
  • Follow-up after approx. 6 months to ensure stability and sustainability

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