Are you fit for any change that is coming your way?

Are you fit...

  • Physically?
  • Mentally?
  • Emotionally?
  • And Spiritually?

We will answer these essential questions:

  • What is the attitude and mindset that you need?
  • How do you ensure to get the support you need from people around you?
  • How to deal with people around you who are negative towards change?
  • How do you adapt to new situations in life and new ways of working?
  • Let us get all the answers and all the tools to embrace the future 

These are your coaches:

Anita Maria Stogel
Anita Maria Stogel

Anita Maria Stogel is an international top coach who has been changing companies and impacting lives for over 3 decades in Germany and many countries on the globe. She has a great spiritual connect with India. She says that there is a compass inside all of us that guides us to do what we must do and all we need to do is to connect with that compass to lead a fulfilling life.

Harminder Soni
Harminder Soni
I recommend you this highly beneficial webinar so that you know to train your flexibility ….

Harminder Soni has been a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in HR transformations, personal development services and change management. Passionately involved with various not for profit activities leading to empowerment of under-privileged and creating sensitivity among the privileged

Daninder Kaur
Looking forward to seeing you all there. Join our inspirational get-together.

Daninder Kaur is the person to contact in India, an avid observer and listener and business enabler. She is a thought provoker and someone who believes in finding creative solutions to all problems in life.

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