COVID19 Information in regard to the seminar schedule

Due to the current situation, the seminars planned in 2020 may not take place on the dates indicated. We also offer our seminars as webinars. Please contact us.

zeitmanagementOnly results count - not effort "Work smart - not hard".

WHAT I do is more important than HOW I do it: “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing”

Those who prioritise the important, plan their approach realistically. Their inner compass guides through the day, week and year.

Then the days on the way to the goal are fulfilling - instead of just filled up.






Format: 1 day
Participants: ideally 12, managers and employees if possible together, also cross- departmental
Price: invest 900.00 € net plus VAT 
Date: TUE 15 JUN 2021
Ideally, participants have also attended Staying Strong


  • How do I use my time during the week
  • Exposing the mantra "I don't have time"
  • WHAT do I want?
  • HOW can I achieve it: Setting priorities and following through
  • Pareto principle, Eisenhower quadrants
  • Reducing interruptions, the multitasking myth, saying "no", meeting culture
  • This is how I will proceed in the future

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