Process and Prices

Process and Prices

Once you have gotten in touch, there is a free trial conversation: either by phone or personally in my office or at your company.

Then you will receive a quote and our work can begin. The work itself: our subconscious mind harbors all the answers. We want to tap this to design and direct your future success.

Number of coaching sessions

For individual sessions

Working on an issue normally takes a maximum 10 hours, which are divided into 3 sessions. If the desired result can be achieved in less time, only those hours actually worked are billed.

For team training

Typically, 2-3 days suffice. Sometimes it is advantageous to do individual sessions some team members in advance for greater efficiency and clarity.


The hourly rate depends on the nature and scope of the job. Framework contracts are possible and common in the company as a business coach.
For team training by arrangement.


In your company or in our seminar rooms at Otkerstrasse 5, 85457 Wörth, near Erding (25 minutes from the Munich Airport), 30 minutes northeast of the center of Munich: