We will train you to become the highest quality coach:

Become an International Quintessence® Life and Business Coach!

This 3-month international coach training will change your view on life and the world, your mindset, your spirituality, your emotions, your relationships and your professional future as a coach - worldwide.

This is a very intense course which goes deep and requires, yet deserves your time and your energy. It can be completed while working fulltime.

Everybody who has a sincere interest to bring betterment to humans can apply.

After these 3 months you will be able to work as an International Quintessence® Life and Business Coach. Solid Life Coaching skills are needed in all business coaching sessions: Our clients are always humans first. If you want to further deepen your business coaching skills, you are invited to take an additional 5 days course: Quintessence® Premium Business Coach. You can register after completing International Quintessence® Life and Business Coach training.


Dates of Modules

2024 (Indian participants)
2024 (German participants)
April 20 August 31 Introduction, Kick-off
May 4,5 Sept 14,15 Module 1: Foundation and Essentials of  Quintessence® Coaching
May 18,19 Sept 28,29 Module 2: Coaching Formats and Intercultural Competence
June 1,2 Oct 12,13 Module 3: Coaching Tools
June 15,16 Oct 26,27 Module 4: Quintessence Coaching, Systemic Approach
June 29,30 Nov 9,10 Module 5: Healing the Healer
July 13,14 Nov 23,24 Module 6: Business and Leadership
July 27,28 Dec 7,8 Exam

Time: 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm IST (=10.30 - 15.30 German time)


2.900 Euro
2,50,000 INR

The fee includes access to all tutorial videos, scripts, live sessions as well as exam and certificate.
Payment is due before the start of the training.

Local Peer Groups

Participants come from around the world. All participants will practice online together during the official training sessions as well as online self-organised.
Additionally, there are peer groups in India and Germany which meet in person and practice together.


Quintessence® Coach

Being a Quintessence Coach means helping people connect with their fifth essence to lead a more fulfilling and happier life.
As Quintessence Coaches we help people to use their powerful essence and to bring out the essential element that is buried deep into their souls. This can be understood as a blueprint of who they really are and what they will excel at. This energy brings clarity, confidence and guides us safely. With this inner compass, the path of life becomes easy.

QEC Training – Our 5 USP

This makes the International Quintessence® Coach Training unique and brings added value to the participants:

  • Powerful spiritual and subconscious methods and tools for highly effective sessions
  • Deep self-reflection for ability to solve all types of clients’ concerns
  • Intercultural competence for working with internationals globally
  • Exclusive Internal QEC Community for exchange, support, learning and networking
  • Visibility in QEC Pool for easier client contact.
Quintessential Coaching

Quintessential Coaching – is a way to help our clients to reach their inner core and bring to life the ‘Quinta Essentia’ of their being-out to the world, the essential element that we all are born with.
Our clients learn the art of connecting to the wisdom that lies within them – which is beyond the intelligence that they have gathered in their life journeys so far.
As Quintessence Coaches we master a variety of both mental and scientific methods that can change the mindset of the clients deeply for the better. This combination of modern science and old shamanic wisdom is unique to QE Coaching.

History of Quintessence®

Quintessence 'Quinta Essentia' is the fifth element - the essential element of our whole existence. Already in Aristotle's worldview, it was the unchanging, eternal and purest substance that surrounds us invisibly.
In the Middle Ages, 'Quinta Essentia'' was then the distillation, the extract, the essence - and the panacea, the remedy for all that is, also called 'heaven'. It was when humans understood that our planet was made up of four elements - earth, air, fire, and water. The stars, planets and celestial bodies were made up of yet another element. The wise teachers of that time called this element by its Medieval Latin name,  'Quinta Essentia',  literally meaning "fifth essence". They believed this 'Quinta Essentia' was essential to all kinds of matter, being the harmonizing and balancing energy synergizing all elements of being.

Power of Quintessence®

All humans are born with the Quintessence® – we just forgot about it and yes, we can unveil this mighty power once again.

We can bring back that focused stillness to our lives that holds the connection to All-That-Is. It works like the sunshine passing through the magnifying glass to ignite the fire of our lives.

Quintessence® is the heavenly element, the divine element or simply our intuition that connects and holds everything together. This element has an anonymous source of wisdom, coming from a higher plane. This celestial element resides in all of us and is believed to be the driving force for the decisions that we make in life using our wisdom. The Fifth Energy shines on all areas of our being: body, soul, mind, work, and relationships.

How can the Quintessence® help us in modern times?

Nowadays, it helps us a lot and more than ever, and in many different ways. With the focus that the Quintessence® offers us we are able to differentiate our messages: what is distracting noise and what is divine guidance.

All the over-bearing, over-thinking, over-shining becomes transparent in its shallowness and disappears into irrelevance. With this inner guidance, decisions become easy and we, ourselves, become the designers of our lives.

Format of the QEC Training

In total 25 days are needed as an investment. This means for three months most weekend and several evenings you will dive into the world of Quintessence® Coaching.

1. Tutorial Videos – approximately 5 days for individual learning

80 % of the theoretical learning content is conveyed via videos. These lively videos with many practical examples and role plays of coaching sessions enable the participants to learn at their own speed, repeat as often as needed, read the script and take own notes. The topics can be discussed in a closed chatroom and questions can be asked online any time.

2. Live Online Sessions with Trainers – 10 days

These interactive sessions serve the purpose of deepening the understanding of theory and learning more about formats as well as on how to apply efficient methods in real coaching sessions. Also, it serves self-improvement of the ‘You-I-All’ aspects of life.

3. Exercises and Practicing with trainers – 5 days

Your real coaching concerns are solved first by the trainers and then more and more by you and your peers on their own. All relevant methods are applied and demonstrated to you step-by-step. All participants shall be able to start right after the QEC Training to conduct meaningful coaching sessions on their own.

4. Intervision in Peer-groups, and Individual Exercises and Self-Practice – 5 days

This is the practice time where you can show the courage to apply what you have learnt. Together with your peers you can practice, start over again, discuss, and learn from common mistakes. Also, a variety of individual exercises are fulfilled for personal growth purposes.

Content of the course

The course encompasses learning, self-reflection, exchange and practice. In order to ensure personal growth and professional quality, it is important for the future Quintessence® Coaches to show active participation, self-learning and reflexion. Therefore, contributing to live online sessions as well as to peer group activities, understanding the tutorial videos content and working on written exercises are the prerequisites for success.
During the live sessions all participants are actively involved in all topics. This ensures the high quality of the training.

Introduction and Kick-off

Meeting the trainers and assistants, knowing each other, understanding the training philosophy and learning process, introduction to Moodle as e-learning platform, Q&A.

Module 1: Foundation and Essentials of Quintessence® Coaching

Essentials of a good coach and uniqueness of Quintessence Coaching: “Love, Eye-level and Respect, Silence your Ego, Process Orientation, Know Yourself, Let the Quintessence Flow.”
Mindful communication with clients and with ourselves: communication rules, Sender-Receiver model, 4-Ears model, Transactional-Analysis, Iceberg model, conflict resolution.
Responsibilities of coach and coachee and clarity on roles. Clarification of expectations and realistic self-assessment.

Module 2: Coaching Formats and Intercultural Competence

Distinct phases of the coaching process. Formats: personal, video, phone, duration, frequency. Importance of revealing the real concern, visualizations, mental training for success. Documentation, time management along the coaching process, energy management, data protection, privacy, confidentiality, aftercare follow-up. Challenging coaching situations like mental disorder, suicide, aggression, harassment, crimes.
Intercultural Competence: 6D-Model by Prof Hofstede, international specifics in values and communication, work culture, concepts of time, analyzing and understanding our own social imprint and its implications.

Module 3: Coaching Tools

All Quintessence® tools use the subconscious as well as the brain. Applying which tool, when and how. Extended exploration of real concern and clarity of needs, questioning techniques. Understanding and applying powerful tools: Biographical Analysis, Value Focus, Inner Voices, Chair Swapping, Systemic Constellations, Rituals, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Handstand method and developing own tools. All tools practiced with trainers, peer groups and first clients.

Module 4: Quintessence® Coaching, Systemic Approach

How to let the Quintessence flow for you and your client, full focus on the client, observe own feelings, tone of voice, body language, eye contact, observe the client holistically, what is not said but important, let words develop their energy. Lifting your spirit generally and especially before coaching session: connecting both brain halves, praying, meditating, nature, energetic protection, etc. Respecting all humans and interacting with everyone on eye-level, authenticity and integrity.
Systemic Approach to understand and solve underlying dynamics and laws in systems: family, company, organisations. Constellation formats: personally and virtually, one-by-one and in groups, swapping positions, floor anchors, puppets.  Powerful sentences for dissolving systemic hurdles. Specific dynamics: ‘perpetrator-victim’, ‘we have the same destiny’, ‘I follow you.’

Module 5: Healing the Healer

When we as coaches know our own inner construction sites, we can avoid blind spots which prevent us from recognizing and solving our client’s real concern. Having personally experienced the transformation from trouble to peace and from disorientation to clarity will strengthen our competencies to accompany our clients along such processes.

Know yourself: your own values, principles, doctrines, mental injuries, patterns of reaction when hurt, blockages, low self-esteem, fears, shame, inner child vs. professional mode, strengths-weaknesses-analysis, self-image vs. public image, trauma. Start your own healing process and allow inner peace to guide you: resolving traumatic incidences and negative attitudes, pacifying inner and outer conflicts, overcoming passivity. Practices: stress-management, balancing personal energy, mental and physical health: mindset, relaxation, meditation, power of nature, physical activities, yoga, breathing.

Module 6: Business and Leadership

Specifics of Business Coaching regarding formats, content and tools. Mastering Management Coaching, Team Coaching, Team Building and Mediation. Main business topics: self-management, time-management, leadership, prioritisation, delegation, team dynamics, efficiency of work-flow, motivation, business language, intercultural business aspects, creating synergies, work-life-balance and burn-out prevention.


The Certificate “Quintessence® Life and Business Coach” is awarded when the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • All sessions were successfully attended: all videos were watched and understood and an active participation in the live courses and peer-groups took place.
  • All written self-reflection exercises show a steady increase in understanding, improvement on competencies and rising awareness. The final exam is passed. It consists of individual presentations and an oral interview.
  • The overall endeavor to learn and to grow personally as well as showing a mindful and appreciative coaching attitude is visible throughout the course.

Your Quintessence® Trainers

All trainers offer a wide range and depth of experience, skills and knowledge: Coaching, Therapy, Spirituality, Teaching, Culture, Business.

“It makes a difference in the growth of humans who teaches them. When mind, body and soul are teaming up to enrich human beings we become the channel for the wisdom of All-That-Is.” [ Anita Maria Stogel ]