Social commitment

We contribute to a sustainable change in people’s consciousness and interaction. This is the mission we live by in our academy. This principle guides us through our daily work with people.  We as Business Coaches rarely encounter people who do not have good opportunities. Therefore, we are grateful to have built up a network of NGOs and stakeholders with whose help we can support other people in their efforts to advance.

As part of our CSR responsibility, we consciously focus on helping people to help themselves. We strengthen organizations, initiatives and families through resources, lectures, workshops and discussions in order to accompany people on their journey to more independence and self-determination.

Climate We - climate protection is smart

Raising awareness of consumer behavior, showing ways to reduce CO2 emissions and maintaining quality of life at the same time. The "ClimateWe" project aims to achieve more effective climate protection. In contrast to other CO2 calculators, ClimateWe ensures the greatest possible transparency in the data bases and calculation methods.

We support the non-profit GmbH in all aspects of corporate management, market positioning, strategy, marketing and press work.

Information on the project at

Corona emergency fund

A lot of people are suffering from the corona pandemic. Companies are in trouble, many restaurateurs and retailers have to reorient themselves and more and more people are afraid of the future. In this situation, we at the Business Coaching Academy want to help you get your feet back on the ground. We advise you as an entrepreneur, self-employed person or other person affected by Corona in terms of professional reorientation, the reorganization of your company or simply how to better cope with the new situation. We offer coaching sessions or training courses - and that free of charge, because we finance this offer from the emergency aid fund of the Business Coaching Academy.
Who is the offer aimed at: Entrepreneurs, employees or other people particularly affected by Corona.

What do we offer: Coaching hours or advice to reposition yourself professionally or to find new confidence

What do I have to do to get help: Just contact us by phone on +49 8731 8646065 or send us an email to

We also see this offer as a political statement. Because: Fear is not a good advisor – and also bad for your health. So get active and take your destiny into your own hands!

Encouraging education and career counselling for students

In Teinem in the state of Manipur in northeastern India. In this struggling agricultural region, families need all their hands to work the fields.  Their schools are thus often only visited until compulsory schooling has been completed. That’s why every year, we inform teachers, parents, children and entire villages about the need for and long-term benefit of further education. In this way, the entire family could be served much better and the family income can be secured independent of varying weather conditions and agricultural yields.

Tangkhul Women's League Delhi

This is a private organisation with about 100 members, which supports women from the state of Manipur in the northeast of India. The members are working locally for their tribal sisters to protect them from exploitation and abuse. The burgeoning infrastructure available to security forces, geographical conditions and other challenging circumstances in the field make it especially difficult for this minority to live a prosperous, independent, self-determined life. This organisation’s members are prudent and nonviolent.

The women from the northeast region who come to Delhi to find work also need support. Everything is new and different for these minority women and men migrating from the northeast of India. This organisation offers counselling, self-defence courses and encouragement which measurably help the members. It is a peaceful community that believes in higher values regardless of religion and strives for peace and equality.